Sedation: levels of sedation

Not all Sedation is the Same!

We offer different levels of sedation depending on your needs:

  • Light Sedation
  • Moderate Sedation
  • Deep Sedation

At Sandhills Pediatric & Family Dental we offer light to deep sedation including general Anesthesia when necessary. Only a handful of general dentists in the state of North Carolina are qualified and licensed to perform deep sedation. Intravenous Sedation is safer and more predictable than oral sedation alone. Not only can the level of sedation be controlled much more accurately, the drugs can also be reversed just as easily using the IV. There are too many variables such as: what the patient has eaten and how quickly the body will metabolize the drugs. For safety, the doctor is usually forced to error on the side of lighter sedation.

We urge you to ask to see your dentist’s license or check with the North Carolina Board of Dentistry to see if your dentist is licensed to perform the type of sedation you are looking for.



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