Sedation: Deep Sedation (IV)

Intravenous Sedation

Deep sedation is achieved through the use of an n IV administering a sedative directly to your blood stream. It produces a profound state of relaxation and it can be used to sedate patients to a point where they are completely unaware of the dentistry performed. Our doctors are among the members of the small prestigious group of North Carolina dentists that are qualified and licensed to perform this type of advanced sedation.

The benefits include:

  • The doctor is able to control the level of sedation very accurately
  • Deep sedation can safely be achieved
  • The patient will have virtually no memory of the dental treatment
  • It is a superior sedation technique for long appointments
  • It is a superior sedation technique for patients with very high fear
  • It works as a moderate anesthetic to aid pain control
  • It can be used to administer long-lasting drugs for post-operative pain control

Class IV – General Anesthesia







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